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Rip Curl E-Bomb 4.3

Rip Curl E-Bomb 4.3

R6 295,00Price

The E-Bomb 4/3mm Zip Free Wetsuit is one of Rip Curl's ultimate full length steamer wetsuits made for high performance surfing. Built with 4/3mm E6 neoprene, our premium high stretch, lightweight neoprene that boasts 20% more stretch and is 20% lighter than E4. Featuring 4mm in the chest and legs to prioritise a warm core, 3mm in the arms for ease of paddling and unrestricted surfing. Designed with E6 thermo lining, this is super high stretch performance lining on the interior of the suit that surpasses industry standards. for added warmth. Plus taped and sealed seams, and hydro-loc collar to stop water flushing through no matter the wipeout. Fitted with external key pocket for convenience and peace of mind. Lastly, Zip-free entry is easy to get in and out of and also offers optimal stretch throughout the entire suit.


*information derived from Rip Curl Wetsuits Website

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